Being very busy

I have noticed that people around me always are busy. Including myself.

But I have started to wonder with what we all are busy with all the time?

Especially I have noticed this kind of answer whilst being active in AIESEC and trying to create something; Making members come to a meeting, trying to reach that goal of raising a TN, make a workshop….the list is long. I have received extremely long answers from people telling and explaining me WHY they are busy and WHY they aren’t able to be at that meeting, or make that call.

But maybe we should consider to replace the word “busy” with “lazy” – and that the reason behind why we don’t want to come to that meeting, or make that call, is simply because we wish to avoid any form of difficult (and apparently risky) intellectual labor.

Busy does not equal important. Measured doesn’t mean mattered.

When the resistance pushes you to do the quick reaction, the ‘ping-are-you-still-there’, perhaps it pays to push in precisely the opposite direction.

Maybe it’s time for the blank sheet of paper, the company meeting, the difficult conversation, the creative breakthrough…

Or you could check your email and update your FB status.

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3 thoughts on “Being very busy

  1. Casper Bek on said:

    I’d love to comment on that one, but I’m simply too busy …

  2. ponyboy on said:

    yes but it all comes down to people not sharing the same vision and goals.

    miss thoughtful with fancy pants writing 😉

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