Sight-seeing in Hangzhou

The West Lake.
Probably the most beautiful place and lake I have ever seen in my life. The city has been build around it in order to preserve as much of it as possible. When stepping into the grounds of it seems as you are taking a tour in a time machine – back to the ancient dynasties of China. With an average depth of five feet the lake comprises five distinct sections. The largest part is known as the Outer Lake and it is bounded by the North Inner Lake, Yuehu Lake, West Inner Lake and Lesser South Lake. This was a favorite imperial retreat back in time.

Yesterday I managed to visit the Leifeng Pagoda – situated at the West Gate. The pagoda was constructed in 975 to celebrate the birth of a son by one of the Qian Hongchu Kings favorite concubines – Huangfei. The pagoda became a household name in China thanks to a popular folk tale, “The Legend of the White Snake”; a love story about a girl who changed into a snake and a young man. In the story, the couple is separated by an evil old monk with magical powers, who had the snake girl imprisoned under the Leifeng Pagoda for years. She is finally rescued by her son who caused the collapse of the pagoda. How romantic.

Entrance fee: 80 ren.

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