Not as important as very important books. But. Still. An update from a xenophile.


So. I have received some comments regarding my lack of updates. Sorry for that. I think I got a bit detached from my social media life due to the constant bad connection – which, btw, is not in any way related to the great firewall! Naij! The reason is much more simple and actually even more annoying – it is mainly due to the fact that most of the guys in my dorm are playing WOW as soon as they are back from work – and hence, completely trash-crash the net. So. Blame it on WOW.

 Usually I have a tendency of forgetting that you guys are not mind-readers – and hence don’t really actually know what I am doing over here. So. A small overview of my day:

Morning: Whether or not I had a good sleep depends on two basic conditions: the arrival time of the girl sleeping under me AND the heat. Regarding the girl. She is really sweet and pretty, but, for real, I have NO CLUE about where she is working and with what (orh, well, I have a clue but would rather keep that for myself). I have tried to ask her a couple of times, but the only thing she keeps telling us is that she is working at a hotel. Nonetheless, she comes home at very different times, usually after 3.  Thereafter she sleeps the entire day. Sometimes, I am completely unable to sleep after her arrival.  Regarding heat: I love it. Every degree I simply cherish! I think the Danish winter last year really managed to freeze every single little bone in me – so I am just craving and taking whatever I can get when it comes to sun and sunshine. Nonetheless, it is still difficult for me to get used to it, and, if it is really hot during the night, I usually just lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling whilst listening to some music. Pretty doleful. But. That’s just the way it is.

 Coffee – I don’t know why but – a morning is just not a proper morning without it. I have finally located a place where they make the cappuccino the way I want it. And..well now they just make it as soon as I arrive, which suits me perfectly fine.

Runs – there is a mountain outside my dorm (well, the entrance is 10 min away). Sometimes I just go for it. (Jesus – I know you are subscribed to the blog :p – I am missing our runs A LOT here! ). Just FYI – it is not that common to run around here. So yes, people are starring a lot.

Lunch: Internship. I’ll blog about that and AIESEC in a separate post.

Evening: Random stuff with the other EPs. We never use the kitchen (as it is simply not possible) and always eat out. One good meal here costs less than 10 DKK. My lunch costs me less than 2DKK. Yesterday I really sinned badly and ate a burger. Know I am supposed to eat Chinese food, but….well….

General dorm update: I think that the real challenge for me is NOT the internship, NOT Chinese cultural differences, NOT language barriers, or the whole notion of being in a completely random, strange and unfamiliar country. No. The REAL challenge is living in this dorm. I am getting completely frenetic. My room, which is the smallest of all the rooms, has 6 beds. Every single one of them is now occupied by 6 girls, all with different national backgrounds, beliefs, and mindsets (America, Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, China..and well, me). It is absolutely horrible.

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