Italian illusions.


Saw a huge sign saying “Italian Brunch” on it, and, could not resist not trying it. Even though I have never actually eaten “brunch” in Italy (I dont think they have that concept), I could already feel the squishy and milky mozarella on my tongue, the brittled bread with generous drops of oil, the bloody red tomatoes…and…of course: the scalding black espresso. However. None of those were to meet with my mouth that day. Apparently what was meant by Italian brunch was: Huge dollop of fried potatoes with ketchup, an unacceptably big omelette drowning in fat pieces of sausages, veggies, onions (lots), undefined objects and moldable melted mozarella + toasted bread + cream cheese + black tea. It might be nice as a hangover meal, but it certainly wasnt Italian. 

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One thought on “Italian illusions.

  1. Eugene on said:

    looks like breakfast all day until breakfast the next day.

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