..Imagine, Queens, random people, a little misplaced neighborhood. You enter this zone, an installation, where there is MASSIVE kooky blue thing in the middle. What does it do? It generates fresh air and spits water out, that hits and completely soaks those underneath it. Whats going on? From 3 PM there is House/Electro music playing. You eat corn dogs and drink beer. Hip Hop starts. Danny Brown,Freeway, Just Blaze and Fabolous enters the stage. There is ace in the air. People are blowing soap bubbles. Somebody passes above your head, lifted  by the crowd. The vibes are high. If you wish you can go inside the huge house behind the stage. The house has lots of contemporary art and different exhibitions. You keep Dancing. Jumping. At 9 the whole thing is over. And you already feel like it is 4 in the morning. But it is not. What to do? You go to the nearest Diner and order unacceptably unhealthy food…and then, then you realize there is a free after-party across the street, in a building that looks EXACTLY like Kunsthaus Tacheles. Just much, much bigger. Inside the building, surrounded by the huge graffiti walls there is a waste courtyard. There people are dancing.

You close your eyes and let yourself get absorbed in the masses. 

At 11:30 it is all over. 
At 12:15 you are in your bed. 

You’ve had your shower. 
Your feet are in pain. 
Your head is empty
Your ears have still not managed to recover.

You feel you have been raped by music, and it feels good.

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